Getting Started with NexCite
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Example Site Plan
Getting your domain name to show your NexCite site
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Getting Started with NexCite

Your NexCite is now created and ready for you to set up. Your new site will not be accesible to your customers until you complete the customization process, and update your domain registration to show your new website.

To begin customizing your site, go to and click on Member Login. Enter the username and password that was sent to you earlier. Click on NexCite Website Tools to enter NexCite. You will see the link to your personal NexCite. Click this link to begin customizing your site.

If you click on Preview Site Changes at the top of the page you will notice that there is already content and a basic structure to your site. You can leave it like this, if you are satisfied with these basic defaults, or you can customize the look and the content to meet your specific needs. Customizing your site can take as little or as much time as you like-- the more time you spend customizing your site, the more personalized it will be, and the more information it will provide for your clients. We suggest that you at a minimum update the default page text to contain unique information about your agency, and update the About Us/Customer Service page to contain your contact information. As you get more comfortable with using the tools available, you will probably want to add more pages and special content. If you aren't sure where to start, look at our Example Site Plan and begin to create your own site plan.

If you belong to a consortia that works with Passport Online and submits their negotiated pricing, be sure that we are aware of this affiliation so that we can set up your account to automatically receive consortia special pricing and offers. Also, if you have specific images or logos that you want to include in your NexCite, have them on your computer in an easily accesible folder to upload to your NexCite Image library.

We suggest that you start by reading What to do First. This guide will help you get started and will provide links to some things you will want to do in order to customize your site.

Remember you can preview your site at any time, by clicking on Preview Site Changes (located at the top of every page while you are in the NexCite Website Tools). When you Preview your site, you will notice the URL is set at To change this, please refer to Getting your domain name to show your NexCite site for instructions. If you have difficulty getting your domain name to show your new NexCite site, contact our support department.

If you have trouble customizing your NexCite to your liking, or do not have time, you can contact Sales to discuss a custom setup.

Have fun building your NexCite. We hope that it generates much profitable business for you.

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